Pilates Postures

Summer 2019 Pilates Challenge
Hip Reinforcement and “where are my shoulder blades?”

2019 marks the return of the Annual Summer Pilates Challenge! Last year I had to take a little break for family reasons, our second daughter was a baby and we were quite busy. This year is the enthusiastic comeback of what is now a tradition for me and for you, my clients.
This year’s themes are those we’ve been working on since this spring after I did a continuing education workshop with Cara Reeser and Jeremey Laverdure that was focused on the lower extremity: foot, ankle, knee and hip. The Challenge has quite a few exercises for hip reinforcement as well as a regular reminder to think about where our shoulder blades are in space.

I’ve tested the Challenge with you in class and I’m convinced by your feedback that it’s going to help keep you dynamic and in great shape this summer!

I’ve filmed a video for you in English, below, and in French as well.

You can always very your exercise routine by using any of the past routines:
2017: With the Theraband: Align and Strengthen
2016: The 4 movements of the spine
2015: Spinal twists, extensions and arm work
2014: The Basic 10

Enjoy this 5th Summer Pilates Challenge!

Join Emily doing the Summer 2019 Pilates Challenge Workout: