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Pilates from Head to Toe

Looking for high quality, serious, fun Pilates in Paris?

Emily offers Pilates mat classes and small group Pilates equipment classes for all, as well as for pregnant and postnatal women, private and duet lessons by appointment, all in central Paris, near Montorgueil and Réaumur-Sébastopol!


Monday 10h mat débutant / intermédiaire
11h quartet all levels
12h quartet pre-natal
13h mat débutant / intermédiaire
18h30 mat tous niveaux
19h45 quartet all levels
Tuesday 9h30 cours en ligne
15h15 quatuor post-natal
16h30 quatuor avancé
18h mat débutant / intermédiaire
19h15 mat intermédiaire / avancé
Thursday 10h mat débutant / intermédiaire
12h mat débutant / intermédiaire
18h30 mat tous niveaux
19h45 mat tous niveaux
Friday 11h quartet
12h quartet pre-natal
13h intermediate / advanced
Pilates cours privés dans Paris 2ème
Cours collectifs de Pilates Paris 2ème


Class Passes

10 Mat Classes Pass 220 €
10 Quartet Classes Pass 350 €
10 Online Classes Pass 200 €

Cours à l’unité :

1 Mat Class 27 €
Private Lesson 80 €
Duet Lesson 45 € par pers.
Quartet Class 40 € par pers.
Pre-Post Natal Class 40 €
Online Class 22 €
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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method designed to decompress the spine, improve breath and circulation, and strengthen the entire body as a whole with a specific focus on the "core" abdominal muscles. Pilates can be done on mats or on equipment specifically designed by Joseph Pilates mainly the Reformer, the Wall Unit or Cadillac, and the Chair. Other smaller pieces of equipment and accessories such as Magic Circles, Fit Balls, Therabands and more can also be used. Emily teaches group classes on the mat with and without accessories and offers private and duet lessons on the mat and the equipment.
Pilates avec Emily à Paris

Who is Emily - Pilates from head to toe?

Emily is an American living in Paris since 1999, a mother and a former Internet Project Manager who trained extensively for her second career as a classical Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates in Paris since 2010. Emily's goal as a Pilates instructor is to help each person feel more at home in his or her own body, to understand how it functions best and how to keep it strong and healthy for the long term. Emily loves teaching all kinds of people but has a special niche teaching pregnant and post-natal.
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What is a session with Emily like?

Group classes are small with a maximum of 9 participants. Emily is warm and friendly and makes each person feel welcomed by her and in the group. Be it a group or a private session every session begins by checking in with each person's current physical and mental condition. Emily teaches from the classical Pilates repertoire and introduces new concepts and exercises progressively. Imagery, anatomical knowledge and hand usage for guidance are used as pedagogical tools for teaching each lesson. She makes you work hard and she usually gives homework : an exercise or an observation to do until the next class!

Emily is a member of The French Federation of Professional Pilates Practitioners (FPMP) and holds a CQP-ALS certification for teaching Pilates in France.


I have been practicing Pilates for 13 years with Emily. She is very attentive to our aches and adapts the exercises accordingly while remaining demanding. The atmosphere is very pleasant, which offers a relaxing break in a bright and calm space. Come and discover his courses that I highly recommend.



Emily is an excellent pilates teacher, gentle teacher and funny! She has several accessories in her room (ball, rubber bands, etc.) and machines (chairs, etc.). You can therefore access a multitude of different courses. I can't see myself practicing pilates anywhere other than here!



I highly recommend Emily’s classes at Pilates de la tete aux pieds. Her training and years of experience are evident as she leads you through class with precise instructions and targeted corrections, no matter what your level. She will challenge you, but also brings a playful attitude to each session. It is an amazing workout in a beautiful space.



Practice Pilates at home

Train and workout at home with my videos and training exercises available on my YouTube channel and my website. Between live classes, train and master the Pilates movements.


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