The 4 movements of the spine

This summer I’ve put together my 3rd Annual Summer Pilates Challenge, I think we can now say it has officially become a tradition.

The theme this year is a concentration on the 4 movements of the spine: flexion, extension, side bending and twisting.

In the first portion of this Challenge there is a series of “cats” that serve as a warm-up and also a moment to observe your body, your spine in particular. This part is completely adapted for beginners, pregnant women and children.

The second more “challenging” and more “classical” portion includes a concentration on abdominal work with a continued observation of the positioning of the spine. The sidekicks are included to help improve rotation and mobility in the hip joint (also appropriate for beginners and pregnant women). To conclude there is a more challenging exercise, Leg Pull Front, which is a logical progression from the series of cats and our Spring Pilates Plank Challenge 2016.

Enjoy this 3rd Summer Pilates Challenge!

VIDEO IN ENGLISH available here.

Join Emily doing the Summer 2016 Pilates Challenge Workout:

Listen to the challenge:

To download the Exercice Guide (pdf in English) click here.