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Author page: Emily Mazo-Rizzi

Comment éviter les maux et les douleurs en s’occupant d’un bébé ou d’un enfant en bas âge

Avoiding Aches and Pains While Caring for Babies and Small Children

In my Pilates practice I teach all different clients but I have a niche in teaching pre and post-natal women. My post-natal classes have been running for 3 years now! The post-natal women show up in class with clear goals of: getting their abdominal muscles working and finding their pre-pregnancy figure again. But then reality hits and each week the most pressing issues the moms have to deal with are back, neck, shoulder and wrist pains.

Exercices à la maison : Footwork debout

Try at home: Standing Footwork

"Footwork" is an exercise that is done to begin the advanced mat workout and it can also be performed on the reformer. Standing Footwork is a variation of this exercise that is fast and easy to do at home. It's a great thing to do when you get home from work in the evening! It strengthens abdominal muscles, improves balance as well as stretching and strengthening the oft forgotten feet.

Le Challenge Pilates de l’été 2019

Summer 2019 Pilates Challenge

Let's go for the Pilates challenge of 2019 ! This year we are focusing on the leg: the foot, ankle, knee and hip. The Challenge offers several exercises for the hips as well as reminders on the shoulder blades positioning. Follow this 10-minute workout with a video and pdf guide, at home.

Le Challenge Pilates de l’été 2017

Summer 2017 Pilates Challenge

Get started with this 10-minute at-home Pilates workout using the elastic band to help you get stronger. There are three different ways to follow the Challenge this year: via video or downloading the PDF guide with explanations and photos of the exercises or by listening to the audio file.

Le Challenge Pilates de l’été 2016

Summer 2016 Pilates Challenge

This summer I’ve put together my 3rd Annual Summer Pilates Challenge, I think we can now say it has officially become a tradition. My clients start asking for the new Challenge as soon as May. So here it is! The theme this year is a concentration on the 4 movements of the spine: flexion, extension, side bending and twisting.