Pilates Postures

Summer 2015 Pilates Challenge

Spinal twists, extensions and arm work

Last July my clients and I embarked an exciting adventure in Pilates together: The Basic 10 Challenge. In the month of July each day we did a routine of 10 key Pilates exercises. Together, these exercises made up a complete, varied ensemble that’s perfect for a quick, yet fulfilling, daily practice of approximately 10 minutes.
Encore! Encore! Everyone has said, so this year I have developed a new routine that includes more spinal twisting, extension and arm work. The 2015 Summer Pilates Challenge is even more challenging. The goal is to do the series everyday in July and then take it on vacation wherever you go this summer!

How does it work?

To facilitate your participation, I have put together descriptions of each of the exercises accompanied by photos that show how to do the movements properly. I developed this project for those who already are practicing Pilates and familiar with the exercises rather than those who want to get started. Feel free, also to use last year's Basic Ten guide (available here) for a more beginner/intermediate repertoire. After the descriptions and photos, you will find a Log to note where and when you did your Challenge routine each day, followed by a space for comments about your workout. I especially want to invite you to write down your goals for participating and share them, with me, your Pilates instructor, or with the whole community participating via my Facebook page. The day you attend a Pilates class with your teacher counts as your workout that day and you don’t have to do your Challenge routine… but you can!

Enjoy the Challenge, have a fun and healthy summer full of movement!!

Video of Emily doing and explaining the Challenge exercises (in French):


To download the Exercice Guide (pdf in English) click here.