With the Theraband: Align and Strengthen

Welcome to the 4th Annual Summer Pilates Challenge. This year I asked many of you who have been working with me since the Challenges began and even before: What would you like to see in your Challenge?

There were two resounding suggestions: include exercises that do not require a Pilates mat and include exercises using the TheraBand as its inexpensive to purchase and very easy to travel with. Your wishes have been taken into account: this year’s Challenge incorporates the TheraBand and most of the exercises do not require a mat. For the handful of mat exercises you can use a rug, a beach towel or even a grassy lawn.

The themes this year focus on alignment of the body and arm strengthening. Alignment is especially important as many of the exercises are done standing or kneeling. The arms are called upon more than in an average mat class thanks to the TheraBand. The exercises that I demonstrate kneeling can also be done seated on a Fit Ball or a stool for people with knee injuries, pregnant women or anyone who would rather be seated.

I have once again put together a complete guide illustrated with photos and descriptions of the exercises as well as a video!

Maintenant que vous avez 4 Challenges à faire n’hésitez pas à varier les plaisirs en faisant les Challenges des étés passés pour profiter d’un été heureux, actif et en bonne forme!

2016: The 4 movements of the spine
2015: Spinal twists, extensions and arm work
2014: The Basic 10

Enjoy this 4th Summer Pilates Challenge!

VIDEO IN ENGLISH available here.

Join Emily doing the Summer 2017 Pilates Challenge Workout:

To download the Exercice Guide (pdf in English) click here.


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