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Why Pilates from Head to Toe?

Doing Pilates makes you healthier and makes you feel better from head to toe! A typical question is "what part of the body is this exercise for?" and the answer is: "Everything!" A unique feature of the Pilates method and one of the reasons it has proven to be so efficient is that the majority of the exercises require that your entire body work together to execute the movements From Head to Toe.

But also from Toe to Head…

Pilates improves posture and alignment of the body from the ground up, starting with the way the weight of the body is distributed on the feet all the way up to the tip top of the head. Improved posture and alignment of the spine can lead to better circulation, the creation of a stronger, suppler and more toned body and greater lung capacity. All of these improvements make you more energetic each and every day.

And again From Head to Toe.

Pilates is not only about exercising in a way that engages the entire body, it requires the concentration of the mind and actually creates new neural pathways. Learning to move in a "Pilates way" is a new experience for the body as well as a new way of thinking and challenging the mind.

Pilates de la tête aux pieds


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